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Making Salad Magic

Making Salad Magic

The hunt for the healthiest possible me continues. And so far that quest is taking place at the salad bar. Because it‚Äôs farmer's market season, and salads are fresh. Salads are cheap. Salads are quick. But I gotta say‚Ķ eat enough of them and salads are boring. The usual lettuce-tomato-onion-carrot-cucumber routine wilts quick. And while I know it‚Äôs about the best thing I can feed my body, my other less helpful self is screaming for something‚ÄĒanything‚ÄĒto break up the monotony. Forget dressings‚ÄĒthat‚Äôs caloric fluff wrapped in a fat bomb. Croutons are carb cubes. And though I love those crispy little-fried...

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