Cold Comfort: Is Cold Brew Coffee Healthier Than Hot?

Cold Comfort: Is Cold Brew Coffee Healthier Than Hot?

Some 450 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the U.S, and it’s no mystery why—coffee is delicious and nutritious, and the mental and physical lift it delivers fuels active days and energized nights.

That boost is born, of course, of caffeine, but when it comes to this magical molecule, not all coffees are created equal. 

The caffeinated king of all coffees is cold brew. Brewed with time, not heat, cold brew coffee is made by steeping maximum amounts of coffee in minimum quantities of cool water for as much as 24 hours. The result is a dense coffee concentrate jam-packed with caffeine that can be diluted to any strength without sacrificing the rich flavor coffee drinkers crave.

That control is important because caffeine affects everyone differently. At least six separate genes determine how our individual metabolisms handle it. Some of us can consume an entire carafe and fall asleep on the couch. For others, a single cup triggers the jittery restlessness, heart palpitations, anxiety, sweating, and nausea that are common symptoms of too much caffeine.

Cold brew has other unique benefits, too. Because it’s produced without heat, few of coffee’s usual bitter acids are extracted from the beans. That makes cold brew not only smoother and more delectable to drink, but far easier on our stomachs and our health. Our bodies prefer an alkaline not acidic state, and cold-brew won’t disrupt this delicate pH balance. This notable lack of bitterness also means less sugar and cream are needed to create the ideal cup, a boon to our waistlines and blood sugar alike.

You can make cold brew even healthier still by choosing a coffee like Kohana Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Made from carefully curated beans sourced exclusively from individual women-owned farms, it’s meticulously slow-roasted then brewed in small batches that perfectly capture the peak flavor profile this process produces. Every hand-crafted bottle has been nurtured by artisans who understand the rewards only fresh just-harvested beans and creative coddling can bring.

Better still, Kohana Cold Brew is 100% organic. Unlike conventional coffee, which is typically soaked in upwards of 250 pounds of toxins per acre, Kohana Cold Brew is free of these poisons. That’s far better for you and the world, too. Add in cold brew’s other incredible gifts, and you’ll find a magnificent moment to savor in every single sip.

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