Out Of Order

Out Of Order

I seek an orderly life. It’s A to B to C in order to get to D for me. That’s how I roll.

But what happens when Z pops up uninvited along the way?

The other day I had it all mapped out. There was a route. There were objectives. There was a schedule, a destination, and a list of things to get done. Then Z appeared.

A flyer at the gym for a flea market, which normally I am a sucker for but not on a day when I’ve got a serious agenda. I dutifully ignore Z.

Then again at the deli. A couple chatting about the great flea market they’d just found. I head to the bike shop, but the street is closed for a water main break. There’s a sandwich board. With an arrow. This way to the flea market.

Suddenly it feels like the Universe is shouting at me. “Enough!” it yells. “Ditch the plan and go where you’re meant to already!”

I give in. I find a gorgeous table runner for a crazy price. I bump into a long lost friend. We have lunch. She works for a record company, and suddenly I’m in the second row at an Adele concert. All because I heard the Universe when it called.

Lesson learned. There are moments when our intentions are meant to be and moments when they’re not. And we live far more fully when we keep one ear to the wind and listen for the messages that tell us when to cut and run where we never thought to go.

We should always keep one eye out for paths that lie beyond those we’ve set for ourselves. We should watch for their signs and the directions they suggest. Plans are good. But it’s spontaneity and the freedom to follow it that leads us to Life’s gold. When we open ourselves to these possibilities, when we dare to disrupt our own lives and step wholeheartedly into the unknown, we invite in all the things that make for days well spent. We find the secrets we’re truly meant to seek.

The Universe really does know best. And we’ll always do better when we take its advice.

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