Getting Clear

Getting Clear

Sit and watch a sunset long enough and you’re just asking for trouble. Which is every reason to catch as many as we can.

For me, a good sunset frees my mind to wander where it will. It’s a place where the world’s distractions fade into the twilight, and that gives me room to reflect on things I didn’t even know I was thinking about. Without moments like that, there will always be secret dreams I’ll never find and plans I won’t know enough to make.

Last night, I sat on the roof with my good friend Malbec and nothing but time. And it wasn’t long before I could hear myself again. “What’s your deal?” I wanted to know. “what’s your vision for your life?”

I had to admit that I’ve basically been going where the winds send me and not really thinking much about it until I get there. “But is this the best way to be?” I asked myself. Since there are no delusions at sunset, my answer came back pretty quickly.

Not really.

Which is about as uncool as you can get because I think we all need to set a vision for ourselves. It’s doesn’t have to read like an epic. It just needs to give us some purpose so that when we add our days together they amount to more than a spin on the dreaded Hamster Wheel of Life.

Unless we aim for something, we’re just aimless. Whether we make it or not isn’t the point. Setting a vision for yourself is about living an aspirational life and working to make it mean something. I know I want mine to. I just haven’t set my own vision yet. I’m still looking to see where I where I see myself going in this crazy world.

But that’s okay. I’ve got a few ideas, and no matter where we are in life, we’ve all still got time to set a vision. As long as we’re thinking on it, that time isn’t wasted. We just need a few good sunsets to get us there.

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