Home Body

Home Body

Ugh to winter’s extra pounds. And to my warm-season clothes, which I pulled out from under my bed the other day, pulled on in front of the mirror, and found bulging in, well… let’s just say all the wrong places.

Not cool. But I’m going to own the weight because I sure owned the hand that held the fork that made it. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have had that slice of double-chocolate cake at our Super Bowl party (yaaaas!). Or those coconut macaroons in January (OMG!). Or all the rest of it (I’m looking at you, corner bakery maple pecan buns). But I did, and here we are.

Sooo… I decided it’s home gym time because a real gym membership isn’t really an option until I put a few zeros behind the balance on my debit card. I wasn’t overly psyched to go the DIY route—I like those fancy fitness machines—but I need to be healthy and you gotta do what you gotta do, right? But surprise---my home gym actually works! Here’s what I did: 

  • I bought a pull-up bar (cheap!) for the door between my kitchen and living/dining room.
  • And some resistance bands I can attach to a door or use by themselves.
  • I found a used bike training stand on Craigslist—it raises the back wheel of my mountain bike off the floor and turns the whole thing into a stationary exercise bike I can ride while I catch up on Netflix binging.
  • I filled two gallon-size milk jugs with sand. (Voila—kettlebells!)
  • I turned my yoga mat into a sit-up station. If I can find one of those roller ab ball things on Craigslist, I’ll use that instead, but for now…
Done. It’s not perf, but it’s close enough. I can put together a nice circuit now and workout whenever even if it’s just a few chin-ups when I pass the bar in my doorway. Plus (bonus!) I spent under $100 and spared my battered credit card yet another monthly charge. All that’s left is a good workout mix (any suggestions?), and I’ll get those macaroons off and be fit by summer!

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