Wake Your Inner Artist

Wake Your Inner Artist

I think inside everyone there’s a creative genius waiting to bloom. We’re all crazy good at something, even if we don’t know what that something is yet. And when we find it and feed it, we find the power that only we have to remake the world.

It can be anything—music, poetry, photography, cooking, collaging, you name it. It ‘s whatever you want it to be as long as it makes your heart sing. That’s the best thing about being creative: When it comes to letting our inner artists out, nobody owes anybody anything.

I’m still trying to figure out what makes my own fires burn. But I’m not worried. If I keep looking, I’ll find my spark. Along the way, I’m setting the stage for that creativity to make its entrance. That means… 

  • Making time for dreaming. The world is so loud, it can drown out our own possibilities. So I find time each week to just sit somewhere quiet and let my mind wander wherever it wants.
  • Taking a walk. Exercise is perf for our brains and we can double our miles by doing it in nature. A walk in the park clears out my mental cobwebs and makes me feel ready for anything.
  • Being positive. I’ve read that negativity inhibits creativity. It makes sense. So I try to think only good thoughts.
  • Filling my mind. Books and music, film and art, conversation and culture all keep the mental juices flowing for me. When I’m engaged with the world around me, it feeds my creative mojo.
  • It heals and energizes. I took an improv class, and it was great! I felt very creative even if comedy wasn’t ultimately my thing.
  • Accepting my wrong turns and giving myself permission to make them. After all, every path I take until I find the right one will be the wrong one, right?
  • Trying new stuff. Whatever it is—food, experiences, places, people—I won’t find my inspiration if I don’t look for it.

Seems simple, right? Because it is. Being creative isn’t complicated. We just have to feed the urge and give it room to grow.

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