Yoga to the rescue!

Yoga to the rescue!

My friend Tommy dropped by yesterday. If you know Tommy, you know that’s trouble because he’s always got something to say about everything and is someone (you know the type) who knows, just knows, they’re right about it all.

That makes him a lot of fun and a giant freaking pain. Usually at the same time. Yesterday, he showed up with lattes during my morning yoga, and I made the tactical mistake of finishing while he waited.

And yeah, Tommy had something to say about it, mostly that my standing there like (his words) “some weird statue made by a drunk dude” was “some serious dumb wrapped in a whole roll of stupid.”

I begged to differ, but I was wasting my breath. So when he left, I wasted no time loading up on ammo for the next time I see him. Because I know yoga is good for me, but I never really quite knew exactly how. And as sure as attempting the handstand scorpion pose makes me feel like I’ve been stung, I am not going to let Tommy win this one.

Yes—yoga does the obvious: improves flexibility, posture, muscle tone, bone health, etc. But what’s amazing is all the weird stuff it does, too. Like these five things I never would have guessed:

  • Yoga kicks up our immune systems and actually changes our cells so they can better fight infection and other things.
  • It helps us focus and improves our memories. Minute for minute, they say it boosts our brain function more than jogging.
  • It livens up our sex lives by speeding the release of sexual hormones, increasing blood flow to all the right areas and (listen up girls) strengthening the pelvic muscles responsible for (*ahem*) all the fun.
  • It gives creativity a jolt by stirring up and releasing energy to make room for the mental stillness needed to let insights and ideas come to us.
  • It makes you happy. Literally! Regular practice improves depression, raises serotonin levels (i.e. the happy hormone) while lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

No wonder I love it. Any questions, Tommy?

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