Kohana Blend

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Our hand-crafted, slow-roasted cold brew concentrate is distinctively delicious yet impeccably smooth. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Whole Bean or Ground?

With a delicate and mild taste that is both smooth and delicious, our signature blend combines light, medium, and darker roasted beans, to create Kohana Blend's distinctive flavor. We take great care to center this blend around our special Yellow Caturra coffee from Hawaii.  To add to its uniqueness, each bean is individually craft-roasted - then blended, creating the very best of each added component. It is Kohana's best selling coffee.

Roast: Medium

Regions: Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, India

Process: Washed

Cup Notes: a well-balanced cup with hints of cocoa and almond butter.

  • Craft roasted in small batches using a unique, slow-roasting technique from the Hawaiian Islands that produces a super smooth, full flavored cup of coffee worth slowing down for
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically harvested green beans that support organic agricultural, environmental protection, and fair compensation for coffee growers and workers
  • Three bean blend: Maui, Papa New Guinea, Malabar
  • Taste notes: Well-balanced, Cocoa, Almond Butter