North Shore Blend

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Our hand-crafted, slow-roasted cold brew concentrate is distinctively delicious yet impeccably smooth. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Whole Bean or Ground?

A tribute to the birthplace of Kohana Coffee and our home away from home. North Shore Blend is a three bean slightly darker roast blend that unites Kohana's love of Hawaiian coffee with its ancestral South American coffee, and our sweet as sugar cane Panamanian. Winey and smooth taste with nutty, chocolaty aromas. The coffee for surfers' paradise.

Roast: Dark

Regions: Hawaii, Panama, Brazil

Process: Washed and natural

Cup notes: Stone ground chocolate with a full body and nice clean finish.

  • Craft roasted in small batches using a unique, slow-roasting technique from the Hawaiian Islands that produces a super smooth, full flavored cup of coffee worth slowing down for
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically harvested green beans that support organic agricultural, environmental protection, and fair compensation for coffee growers and workers
  • Three bean blend: Maui, Panama, Brazil
  • Taste notes: Full Body, Stone-ground Chocolate