Kohana Espresso

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Our hand-crafted, slow-roasted cold brew concentrate is distinctively delicious yet impeccably smooth. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Whole Bean or Ground?

Kohana's blend of Indonesian and Central American beans are taken to a full city + roast to pull slight sugars, deep flavors and aroma and full crema. This espresso blend works splendidly with milk drinks.

Roast: Dark

Regions: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Panama

Process: Washed and natural

Cup notes:  A nicely crafted stone fruit, round-bodied, sweet and smooth espresso coffee without any bitter notes. Excellent as brewed coffee as well!

  • Craft roasted in small batches using a unique, slow-roasting technique from the Hawaiian Islands that produces a super smooth, full flavored cup of coffee worth slowing down for
  • Sustainably sourced and ethically harvested green beans that support organic agricultural, environmental protection, and fair compensation for coffee.