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Yes, you've come to the right place! Please contact our Customer Care team and we'll do our best to resolve the issue. When contacting us, please include the first and last name on the order as well as the order number found on any order confirmation emails you have received from Kohana. 

Your experience is important to us so if we can make it right, we will. That’s the Kohana way! As an online store, we rely on shipping to service our customers and due to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we do not accept returns of any item once it ships. However, if you are unhappy with a particular item or your shipment is damaged in transit please notify us via email within 14 days of receiving your order and we will do our best to remedy the issue.

If you still have any unopened Kohana Coffee products on hand, we've partnered with Feeding America to donate to a food bank near you. Simply enter your zip code into Feeding America's Food Bank Locator to find a facility near you.

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Please Note: Kohana Coffee and our shipping partners are doing our best under difficult circumstances to deliver your order quickly and safely. It is possible that some shipments may experience unforeseen delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Orders placed before 12pm are processed and shipped same day. Orders received after 12pm are shipped the following business day.

Most shipments will reach customers within 2-3 business days but may take up to 5 business days in certain cases. 

Shipping times: 

Zones 1-5: 2-3 business days

Zones 6-7: 3-4 business days

Zone 8: 4-5 business days

Yes! We offer free, fast shipping right to your door.

We currently ship to all 50 states within the US. We hope to add service to Canada soon.

Yes. Wholesale pricing is available on our full line of Cold Brew Concentrates, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew cans and our Slow Roasted whole bean coffee. To learn more, drop us a line. One of our Sales Success team members will connect with you to discuss your options.

Thank you for your interest in Kohana Coffee. If have you have a press related inquiry, please leave us a message by calling (512) 808-0329 or you can email us at We do our best to respond as fast as we can.

For our Cold Brew Coffee Kohana takes our carefully roasted coffees and brews them with cold water to create delicious cold brewed coffee concentrates. The chemical process of cold brewing produces about 70% fewer acids than conventional hot brewed coffee – which makes it much softer on the stomach. The result produces a deeply rich, soft and flavorful coffee you can create beautiful hot and cold coffee drinks with.

Kohana are the beautiful, small white flowers that bloom on the coffee plant prior to the arrival of the coffee fruit. This flower is our company’s symbol. The word Kohana is shared by the Japanese and native Hawaiians. 

Yes! Kohana has a state of the art, patented cold brewing process that provides shelf stability like no other on the market. Our Cold Brew Concentrate and Ready-To-Drink cans are good for up to one year on the shelf and for 30 days after opening when stored in the refrigerator.

No. Kona coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii and is exclusive to the specific Kona coffee region. Coffee beans are designated similarly to grapes grown in wine regions that carry names like Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, or Champagne.

Kohana does not use the high-heat, quick-roast methods conventional roasters use; methods that make coffee taste over-roasted and bitter.  We carefully craft roast each bean to its optimum peak of performance; seeking out utmost taste and flavor characteristics inherent in that beans origin.