Home Body

Ugh to winter’s extra pounds. And to my warm-season clothes, which I pulled out from under my bed the other day, pulled on in front of the mirror, and found bulging in, well… let’s just say all the wrong places. Not cool. But I’m going to own the weight because I sure owned the hand
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My One True Travel Love

Everybody has one. Mine is a homemade survival kit—a small pouch stuffed with things I know someday some way I’m going to find myself desperately wishing I had when I’m stuck somewhere without a net. Slipped into my daypack, it’s my favorite won’t-leave-home-without-it road trip essential. I see things like this sold for crazy prices
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A New (To Me) State Of Mind

You know that space between being awake and falling asleep? Those few minutes when you aren’t really in either place but somewhere in between? It’s a crazy time. We’re starting to dream but we’re still alert enough to know it, which makes strange things happen in our brains and lets our brains take advantage of
I think a lot about goals because I think you’ve just got to have some. For me, they’re a way to keep going when things aren’t going real well, and they help me focus on getting somewhere when life is pulling me in so many different directions that I don’t feel like I’m ever going
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Big night out? Try coffee the next day!

I’m not a big drinker—unless we’re talking coffee!—but I definitely enjoy a little wine or a pint or two of craft beer now and then, and every once in a while I’ll wake up wishing maybe I hadn’t enjoyed it quite so much. No judgment. It’s just part of trying to stay healthy for me.
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Coffee and Weight Management

As the year comes to an end, we begin to contemplate a New Year’s resolution list.  For most of us, weight-loss will top that list.  I’m happy to let you know, you can continue to enjoy your trusty cup(s) of coffee (with a few modifications) without ditching your resolution.  You can lose the guilt and
Given the option to choose between specialty, premium and regular coffee, most people would likely pick among the first two. But what, really is the difference? Basically, it’s like the difference between orchids and sunflowers. Some coffees are higher quality, grown under near-perfect conditions, processed very carefully and eventually roasted in small batches to find