Two words: Breakfast. Salad.

They always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day if you want to be healthy. Then they always sat me down to a plate of food that totally wasn’t—cheese-stuffed omelets, grease-stuffed meats, butter-soaked toast, and a pile of fried potatoes the size of a Mini Cooper. You could rock that plate for

A Shore Thing

So it’s May and Memorial Day is on the way and already the beach talk has started. Which is great except for the beach part because I’m not a huge beach person. I love the friends and the food, the swimming and the Frisbees, but the sand makes me crazy, the wind is worse, and
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Is it just me or is life getting out of hand? Most days, I can’t even find five minutes to focus on anything that really matters. My whole existence feels like some giant pinball machine, constantly buzzing and flashing and beeping, with me as the ball bouncing around all over the place just trying to
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The verdict on coffee just keeps getting better and better. A study led by Dr Frank Hu and Dr Shilpa Bhupathiraju of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, showed that increasing coffee consumption by a cup and a half a day over a four-year period reduces the risk of type
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Yoga to the rescue!

My friend Tommy dropped by yesterday. If you know Tommy, you know that’s trouble because he’s always got something to say about everything and is someone (you know the type) who knows, just knows, they’re right about it all. That makes him a lot of fun and a giant freaking pain. Usually at the same time.
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Real Travel. Real Cheap.

Maybe it’s the smell of spring in the air or just my winter doldrums reaching their usual April peak of screaming boredom, but it’s time for a road trip. No idea where I’m going but unless I win the lottery, I’m know how I’m getting there: as cheaply as possible! That’s what sucks about travel. It’s
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Be Smart. Eat Chocolate.

You know what’s great about the world? The way it can turn around and surprise you with a little gift and a bit of a lift when you least expect it. It’s a cold, raw, rainy day in my world, the kind that can make you feel a little low and lost. I’ve been moody
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My List of Me

A year or so ago I had the official worst day ever. I overslept and left my wallet at home (no double latte for me). I missed my bus andthe morning staff meeting, which earned me a special one-on-one with the boss, which I had right after I found out that the writing class I wanted

Home Body

Ugh to winter’s extra pounds. And to my warm-season clothes, which I pulled out from under my bed the other day, pulled on in front of the mirror, and found bulging in, well… let’s just say all the wrong places. Not cool. But I’m going to own the weight because I sure owned the hand
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My One True Travel Love

Everybody has one. Mine is a homemade survival kit—a small pouch stuffed with things I know someday some way I’m going to find myself desperately wishing I had when I’m stuck somewhere without a net. Slipped into my daypack, it’s my favorite won’t-leave-home-without-it road trip essential. I see things like this sold for crazy prices
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