Stretch Goals

Check this out. It’s a portrait of yoga insanity my teacher shared with the class last night called the Double Buddhasana. I know, right? I hurt myself just looking at it. My first thought was somebody’s going to need a good orthopedic surgeon. My second was that person won’t ever be me because there’s just no way.

Getting Clear

Sit and watch a sunset long enough and you’re just asking for trouble. Which is every reason to catch as many as we can. For me, a good sunset frees my mind to wander where it will. It’s a place where the world’s distractions fade into the twilight, and that gives me room to reflect

Wake Your Inner Artist

I think inside everyone there’s a creative genius waiting to bloom. We’re all crazy good at something, even if we don’t know what that something is yet. And when we find it and feed it, we find the power that only we have to remake the world. It can be anything—music, poetry, photography, cooking, collaging,
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Night Brained, Right Brained?

I am not a morning person. I am a creature of the night. When the sun goes down I wake up. Which is great except that when the sun comes up, I just can’t and conflict ensues—between me and my alarm, me and my job, me and the world. It’s hardly on purpose. I’m reading

The Real Song Of Fire And Ice

It’s official: I am obsessed with Iceland. It’s my new travel dream. It started when my friend, Elisha, mentioned that she was thinking about going. I asked her why she’d want to go to a place covered in ice and she said because it wasn’t. Turns out they’ve named everything backwards. Greenland has all the
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New Buzz on Workout Boosts

I’m an exercise purist. I won’t wear just any clothes or shoes. I pace myself like the experts say I should. And I only ever drink water before, during, and after. If I’m headed for the gym or a jog, I’ll postpone my caffeinated cup of joy until I’ve earned it. It makes sense, right?

Two words: Breakfast. Salad.

They always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day if you want to be healthy. Then they always sat me down to a plate of food that totally wasn’t—cheese-stuffed omelets, grease-stuffed meats, butter-soaked toast, and a pile of fried potatoes the size of a Mini Cooper. You could rock that plate for

A Shore Thing

So it’s May and Memorial Day is on the way and already the beach talk has started. Which is great except for the beach part because I’m not a huge beach person. I love the friends and the food, the swimming and the Frisbees, but the sand makes me crazy, the wind is worse, and
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Is it just me or is life getting out of hand? Most days, I can’t even find five minutes to focus on anything that really matters. My whole existence feels like some giant pinball machine, constantly buzzing and flashing and beeping, with me as the ball bouncing around all over the place just trying to
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The verdict on coffee just keeps getting better and better. A study led by Dr Frank Hu and Dr Shilpa Bhupathiraju of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, showed that increasing coffee consumption by a cup and a half a day over a four-year period reduces the risk of type
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