by Karen Cebreros, Sustainable Coffee Trader The times are changing and the signs have never been clearer: In Hollywood, “Time’s Up.” The hashtag #metoo has become a social movement. And wearing black is making a statement about far more than fashion as America comes to terms with a truth echoed by the words of former

Energizing Cold Brew Bites

Fact: my fridge has to be stocked with some kind of energy balls every week. My favorite snack combination lately is a tall glass of cold brew and an energy bite or two. But why not combine the two? These babies are made with Kohana Coffee cold brew and a few other wholesome ingredients 🙏🏻✨ recipe
If you’re drained from the daily grind, a caffeinated cocktail should do the trick! This martini blends bold Arabica cold brew coffee with sweet orange liqueur, a splash of cream, and a shot of vodka. If you’re short on time, make the maple-infused simple syrup a day ahead, then all you’ll have to do is

Orange and Clove Cold Brew

We know, let’s try not to invent an already perfect cup of Cold Brew by adding outrageous flavors…(like some other companies we know…). During seasonal times though, it’s nice to add a touch of nostalgic flavor to reinvent your favorite drink. While at the local Farmers Market, we spotted beautiful oranges with leaves and stems
From time to time you find that one unusual combination that just works. When we combined a classic fall meal with our favorite French Vanilla Kohana Coldbrew, the result was a surprisingly delicious twist to a chilly night classic. Traditional bolognese is an Italian staple at the dinner table. Usually mixed with red wine, we

Coffee Gadgets

No self-respecting coffee habit is complete without a gadget or two. It’s how we make life simpler and turn the ordinary act of coffee-making into something more. With the caveat that one person’s essentials are another’s foolish trinkets, here are a few of our own recent favorites: For fresh espresso not from a machine but from—yes—a
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8 Fun Coffee Facts

Coffee is a superlative beverage. But it is also a beverage of superlatives though some of the ways it’s earned that honor are, shall we say, slightly out of the ordinary. Here’s a look at coffee facts you won’t find on trade association web sites: • The worlds largest iced coffee was prepared on July
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Coffee & Eggs With Mole Sauce

Coffee and eggs go together like breakfast and mornings. But this wake-up call takes that classic combo to a whole new level by mixing the two and giving the works a Mexican spin. It even finds a way to slip a little chocolate onto your plate. (And we ask you: when the day begins with
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The Art of Caffeine

There are lots of reasons we prefer coffee. It’s indescribably delicious, simple to summon, and can be dressed up in all kinds of ways for an equally expansive variety of occasions. And did we mention it comes with a helpful helping of caffeine? Because let’s be honest: We drink it for taste. We drink it
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The Truth About Coffee & Antioxidants

Our quest for health takes us many places. To our yoga mats and our bicycle seats. To the hiking trail and the fitness center, a bowl of fruit or a lunchtime salad. Yet if we really want to boost our bodies, we should head for the nearest café and order a large latte. Not to