Why is Kohana Coffee the Real Cold Brew

Kohana Coffee Concentrates are simple: Water + Coffee + Natural Flavor which is NEVER heated in the process. We are the exception to the rule as other brands are heated and refrigerated – not real cold brew

What does “Kohana” mean?

Kohana are the beautiful, small white flowers that bloom on the coffee plant prior to the arrival of the coffee fruit. This flower is our company’s symbol. The word Kohana is shared by the Japanese and native Hawaiians.

What are the Kohana roasted coffees?

Kohana Coffee roasts single origin, blended, flavored, and decaffeinated coffees. Our Single origin offerings are: Organic/Fair Trade Honduran Las Capucas, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Misty Valley, Kohana Panama Boquete, Brazil Santa Rita and Antigua Bella Carmona. Our blended coffees are: our signature Kohana Blend, Kohana Espresso, Rockin’ Like Austin, and North Shore Blend.   Our flavored coffee is the beautiful Island Cacao.  Our decaffeinated selection is our Swiss Water Processed Decaf Kohana Blend.

Is Kohana Coffee Hawaiian coffee?

Yes. Kohana’s signature coffee, Kohana Blend, features a special Hawaiian coffee bean, giving this coffee its superb taste. The same Hawaiian bean is used in our Northshore Blend. We also sell coffees from other coffee growing regions all over the world.

Is Kohana coffee the same as Kona coffee?

No. Kona coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii and is exclusive to the specific Kona coffee region. Coffee beans are designated similarly to grapes grown in wine regions that carry names like Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, or Champagne.

Is Kohana Coffee organic, fair trade, or shade grown?

Kohana sources and roasts the best beans from around the world, and whenever possible, purchases green coffee with these certifications signifying sustainable practices that support organic agricultural, environmental protection, and fair compensation for coffee growers and workers. If we are not buying directly from the farmer Kohana relies upon and trusts its additional coffee suppliers to follow along these principals.

Kohana Coffee is not bitter like most coffees. Why is that?

Because Kohana does not use the high-heat, quick-roast methods conventional roasters use; methods that make coffee taste over-roasted and bitter.  We carefully craft roast each bean to its optimum peak of performance; seeking out utmost taste and flavor characteristics inherent in that beans origin.

If Kohana Coffee isn’t bitter, do I need cream and sugar in my coffee?

Many customers say they’ve stopped using cream and sugar since becoming Kohana Coffee drinkers. They are enjoying the unadulterated flavors and aromas of high end specialty grade coffee. However, this is a question of personal taste. It’s perfectly fine to use cream, milk and/or sugar (-) with Kohana coffee.

Can I buy Kohana Coffee online?

Yes. From Kohana’s website www.kohanacoffee.com you will see the complete Kohana Coffee line of Roasted Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates and our new line of Ready To Drink coffee drink offerings.  If you have questions regarding an order, email us at orders@kohanacoffee.com or call 512.904.1174.

How should I store my Kohana fresh roasted coffee at home?

Kohana coffee is packaged in foil laminate bags with degassing valves to ensure maximum freshness. Our coffees should be stored at a steady, moderate temperature in a dark, airtight container such as a ceramic jar with a sealing lid. The enemies of fresh roasted coffee beans include air, light, moisture, excessive heat and cold, and odors. Coffee beans are very porous after roasting and despite the myth, storing them in a freezer or refrigerator subjects them to moisture from freezing and the condensation that occurs when the appliance door is repeatedly opened and closed. This moisture and freezing depletes the coffee’s natural oils, destroying the flavor.  Porous coffee beans also absorb food odors from neighboring items, potentially ruining the taste.

How long does Kohana coffee stay fresh?

Stored in Kohana’s foil bags at a cool, steady temperature, once opened your Kohana coffee should stay fresh for two weeks. Unopened whole bean coffee stored in airtight containers may stay fresh for up to a month. Stored whole bean coffee stays fresher longer than ground. We suggest purchasing only enough coffee that you can drink in a 2 week time period – to ensure a fresh roasted coffee experience.

Do I need a coffee grinder?

For the best, freshest tasting coffee, having a personal coffee grinder is recommended.  Coffee grinders are relatively inexpensive and easily available. By grinding your coffee beans as you use them, your Kohana Coffee will stay fresher longer and you will enjoy optimum taste.

Where do you roast your coffee?

Kohana Coffee roasts, packages and ships its coffee from Austin, Texas.

What is Cold Brewed coffee?

For our Cold Brew Coffee Kohana takes our carefully roasted coffees and brews them with cold water to create delicious cold brewed coffee concentrates. The chemical process of cold brewing produces about 70% fewer acids than conventional hot brewed coffee – which makes it much softer on the stomach. The result produces a deeply rich, soft and flavorful coffee you can create beautiful hot and cold coffee drinks with.

What are the Kohana Cold Brew Coffees?

Our signature Kohana Cold Brew is made with an Organic/Fair trade, single origin coffeeWe also make an Organic French Roast Cold Brew,  and an Organic French Vanilla Cold Brew.

How long does your Cold Brew last?

Kohana has a state of the art, patented cold brewing process that provides shelf stability like no other on the market. Our Cold Brews are good for up to one year on the shelf and for 30 days after opening when stored in the refrigerator.

Why Cold Brewed Coffee?

For years we have cold brewed our roasted coffee to make beautiful iced coffees in the summer time. We decided to pass that information on to our Kohana supporters several years ago and they quickly fell as hard as we had. The idea was born.

The bottle of organic cold brew coffee concentrate allows you to be the barista. From iced or hot coffees to shakes, smoothies and ice creams – our instructions are simple: Open bottle. Be creative.

We’ve become experts at each piece of our process and are proud of the following we have who love the alternative way to drink delicious coffee.

Ready-To-Drink Coffee Drinks??

Yes! Kohana’s latest evolution as a product offering is a compilation of everything we’ve worked so hard to perfect. WE craft roast the organic coffee, WE carefully cold brew the roasted coffee and then mix with the healthiest ingredients we could find to create incredibly delicious coffee drinks. Ready-to-drink means just that; we’ve done the work for you. Put it in the fridge and then grab and go!

What are the Ready-To-Drink Coffee flavor options?

We offer 4 different Ready-To-Drink options; Volcanic Black, Island Latte, Tahitian Vanilla and Salted Caramel.

Is Kohana Cold Brew concentrate Kosher?

Our cold brew coffee concentrates are all certified Kosher. We are certified by Star K Kosher supervision.