Digging Through My Dreams

A few days ago, I was thinking out loud about setting a vision for my life and how the endpoint it starts with is the ultimate dream we have for ourselves. That dream is where I want to land. My vision is how I get there and what it looks like when I finally arrive.

Stretch Goals

Check this out. It’s a portrait of yoga insanity my teacher shared with the class last night called the Double Buddhasana. I know, right? I hurt myself just looking at it. My first thought was somebody’s going to need a good orthopedic surgeon. My second was that person won’t ever be me because there’s just no way.
I think a lot about goals because I think you’ve just got to have some. For me, they’re a way to keep going when things aren’t going real well, and they help me focus on getting somewhere when life is pulling me in so many different directions that I don’t feel like I’m ever going
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