Iced Coffee Hacks

June is almost here, and with it comes summer or, as we prefer to call it, iced coffee time. With the season’s heat on the rise, we’re craving cold and seeking the kind of caffeinated cool that air conditions both body and soul. For that mission, no ordinary iced coffee will do. Instead, celebrate the

Notebook + Pen = A Lifetime Of Memories

Goodbye to a real trash weekend here, two cloudy, rainy, chilly, please-pass-the-down-comforter days that turned Thai food take-out and Netflix into survival gear. Sunday afternoon I was so freaking bored I actually started cleaning out my closets. At first, not much fun and Kimmie Schmidt started calling my name, but buried under the contents of

A Shore Thing

So it’s May and Memorial Day is on the way and already the beach talk has started. Which is great except for the beach part because I’m not a huge beach person. I love the friends and the food, the swimming and the Frisbees, but the sand makes me crazy, the wind is worse, and
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Big night out? Try coffee the next day!

I’m not a big drinker—unless we’re talking coffee!—but I definitely enjoy a little wine or a pint or two of craft beer now and then, and every once in a while I’ll wake up wishing maybe I hadn’t enjoyed it quite so much. No judgment. It’s just part of trying to stay healthy for me.
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