The Cold Truth About Cold Brew

Cold brew is the hottest coffee in town. Nobody with their travel mug screwed on straight could possibly claim otherwise. But beyond this most basic of points, confusion abounds and misperceptions rage. Come follow the bouncing bean as we set the record straight about this coolest of coffees. Let’s begin by obliterating the myth that
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Cold Brew Latte Love

If cold brew is the superhero of the java world, a cold brew latte is its greatest act of caffeinated valor, a perfect save-the-day blend of coffee punch and dairying-do. Hot or iced (pick your super power), they’re just the sort of sweet salvation you want to see coming to your rescue. If only summoning
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Grounds for Change

Let’s start the new year by being adults and facing a certain situation squarely: coffee making isn’t quite yet the most sustainable proposition on Earth. We may love it dearly (oh, yes) but like our favorite crazy relative, it’s got some issues. Take, for example, all those grounds. After their sweet perfect essence is artfully

The Art of Iced

I know, I know… it’s fall, and the traditional end of iced coffee season. But not in my world. On Planet Maddie, there’s no day that can’t be made infinitely better by a fat frosty cup of caffeinated glory and a straw, and calendar be damned, you will take that cup from me when you

Coffee & Climate Change

Can any of us imagine a coffee-less world? Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement means we won’t have to imagine it at all. Left unchecked, rising global temperatures will guarantee that coffee disappears in our lifetime. Increasing heat will prevent coffee plants from growing in the places they call home. Extremes of drought and rain will
Consumption of non-specialty coffee is down. Consumption of specialty coffee and espresso beverages is up. We think that’s a positive trend. According to the National Coffee Association’s annual market research study on National Coffee Drinking Trends, nearly 40 percent of American adults used to drink non-specialty coffee (read: open can, pour in grounds and water,
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New Buzz on Workout Boosts

I’m an exercise purist. I won’t wear just any clothes or shoes. I pace myself like the experts say I should. And I only ever drink water before, during, and after. If I’m headed for the gym or a jog, I’ll postpone my caffeinated cup of joy until I’ve earned it. It makes sense, right?
The verdict on coffee just keeps getting better and better. A study led by Dr Frank Hu and Dr Shilpa Bhupathiraju of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, showed that increasing coffee consumption by a cup and a half a day over a four-year period reduces the risk of type
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Yoga to the rescue!

My friend Tommy dropped by yesterday. If you know Tommy, you know that’s trouble because he’s always got something to say about everything and is someone (you know the type) who knows, just knows, they’re right about it all. That makes him a lot of fun and a giant freaking pain. Usually at the same time.
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Big night out? Try coffee the next day!

I’m not a big drinker—unless we’re talking coffee!—but I definitely enjoy a little wine or a pint or two of craft beer now and then, and every once in a while I’ll wake up wishing maybe I hadn’t enjoyed it quite so much. No judgment. It’s just part of trying to stay healthy for me.
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